TOK HK ELECTRONICS CO., LIMITED specializes in electronics fields, products are used in computers, phones, telecom network equipment, industrial apparatuses, etc. The Company can supply almost all kinds of IC.The company adheres to the business principle of "service and quality for existence", and provides customers with quality products and considerate service based on its years of experience in IC field.


TOK HK ELECTRONICS CO., LIMITED do all kinds of brands IC such as ST,TI,MAXIM, NXP, FAIRICHILD,AD,MURATA,SAMSUNG,TI,XILINX,NEC, AVAGO, ON and so on. At the same time we also do RESISTOR,CAPACITOR,LCD,MODULE etc. The parts was widely used in all feilds:consumer electronics,computer, household appliances, elecronic equipment, instruments etc.

We provide good service of all kinds of products for customer from domestic and overseas.


TOK HK ELECTRONICS CO., LIMITED will always provide customers with sincere service.



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